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 Stone Spells

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PostSubject: Stone Spells   Wed Jul 16, 2008 7:36 am

Magic Type : Stone

Spells, Descriptions of

Main Spells:
The main spells can be used without much use of body's stamina or magic. Used Freely. Drains nearly no energy.

Roll: Casters roll boulders of massive size with little effort.

Carve: Casters can pull and shove blocks of rock; naturally they can mine holes for themselves, or hack giant bricks out of cliffs to build giant structures.

Death Spells:
Death spells are strictly forbidden outside of war. No matter the reason, if caught you will be sentenced to death. Drains all stamina and magic, leaving caster defenseless, unless very strong magic wielder. The only ones to use more then 3 of these spells in a row were Lucifer, Blade, Darius and the War Chief Captains. Rulers can cast 3 before left useless, and with mages present, 6. Some Rare cases of warriors being able to cast more then one exist, but they are rare, and a large bounty is on their heads.

Tremors: This is an EXTREMELY difficult spell, but only the most madly wicked caster would ever use it anyway. The caster burrows a little pebble into a tied-up victim's bloodstream, and sends it moving around in their body, ripping arteries, veins, and tearing up internal organs. Mortifyingly gruesome, kills the victim slowly and in excruciating pain...

Crunch: Smashes victim between slabs of stone. wuick and effecient. Leaves a bit of a mess though.

Healing Spells:
These spells are usually difficult to comprehend and use, and drain the amount of energy from the caster depending on how severely the victim was injured

[These people deal with ROCKS. They can't heal anything but BUILDINGS. The mark of Pebbsness goes here. lol! ]

Fighting Spells:
Used in self defense or for any other fighting needs

Missile: Caster can make slabs of stone float around them, and shoots them off at the enemy at will. Can leave big bruises, and kill. Great for taking down that random boar in the woods.

Mold: Now this one is awesome. The caster can change their shape. They can change themselves into a rocky Incredible hulk, a giant stone horse, a little bitty rock mouse, anything. Depending on their mastery of the magic they can keep the shape for days or even months. Once they come out of the mold, though, they are totally drained and can use no magic for a full week.

Improvise: The caster shapes a weapon out of rock, for example they can rip a perfectly-shaped sword out of a boulder.

Shield Spells:

These spells enable the caster to defend himself from injury or give him a chance to escape. Uses a quarter of your energy; usually drains caster the rest of the way if used for a long time.

Wall: Think WALL people.

Note to Readers: These spells’ descriptions, and spells, are just scratching the surface of Stone wielders’ power. There are many more unnamed spells, and the spells described so-far can be used in a completely different manner from the descriptions given. Just remember, all spells absorb energy, and eventually you will wear yourself out using any kind of spell. Never fully rely on magic, for it can let you down.
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Stone Spells
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