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 Ice Spells

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PostSubject: Ice Spells   Wed Jul 16, 2008 3:44 am

Magic Type : Ice

Spells, Descripitons of

Main Spells: Freeze, Ice path, Ice Crystal
The main spells can be used without much use of bodies stamina or magic. Used Freely. Drains nearly no energy.

Freeze: This spells name says it all. It will freeze objects, liquids, foods and instantly stop fires. The spell reduces somethings tempature at high speeds, so fast it can shatter objects that were even a little bit warm. Great For making popsicles (Razz) and killing camp fires fast. Can be also used to break shackles if needed, or repair ice buildings or roads. Very Useful if you live in an ice village.

Ice path: This spell helps the caster get places fast. The air, ground, or water infront of the caster will turn to sheet ice, so they can quickly skate past. This spell is generally used with Ice Crystal, so you dont have to keep skates in your bag.

Ice Crystal: This spell is extremly useful, seems how it can offer you objects you never had. This spell makes most objects you can have out of thick ice. You can make swords to cups, Skates to walking sticks.

Death Spells: Deep Freeze, Frostbite, Penatrating Ice
Death spells are strictly forbidden outside of war. No matter the reason, if caught you will be sentenced to death. Drains all stamina and magic, leaving caster defensless unless very strong magic weilder, but the last ones existing to use more then 3 in a row were Lucifer, Blade, Darius and the War Cheif Captians. Rulers can cast 3 before left useless, and with mages present, 6. Some Rare cases of warriors being able to cast more then one exist, but rare and large bounty is on thier heads.

Deep Freeze: This spell is creepy and powerful. It will completely freeze the victims blood, killing them quick, or if the caster wants, just letting enough blood flow to keep them alive. Then, if the caster wants, they can shatter the victim, killing them off. This spell can be used as torture, or quick death. It will drain the caster totally, and make him/her extremly cold, and covered in temporary frost bites.

Frostbite: This spell can kill more then one person at a time, for it sends a horridly cold 25 feet around the caster, killing all in the area. it also leaves a 12 foot wide ice circle around the caster, and sends the caster into a deep sleep, something like the victims of hypothermia get.

Pentatrating Ice: This is a morbid torture spell that will send shivers down anyones spine who witnesses it. The victim is held up in the air, and huge iceicles are sent through the vitims body. It then stays there as more and more go throw. The victim will not die until the iceicles are removed, and the caster wont do that until he get his information. The effects if has on the caster is that it will make him/her freezing cold, and energy will be drained continuessly until the victim is dead.

Healing Spells: Frozen Slumber
These spells are ussually difficult to comprehend and use, and drain the amount of energy from the caster depending on how severly the victim was injured

Frozen Slumber: This spell puts the injured to sleep, and stops all bleeding at the wound. The patient still needs medical assistance, but it will be less urgent.

Daily Spells: Ice, Chill
These spells are generally not considered spells by the Casters. They are always used, and generally thought of as normal.

Ice: This spell is as simple as its name. It makes ice appear. By using this spell, you are able to make ice sculptures, cool off your cocoa, or use to make the beloved Ice ordaments that is a household must have.

Chill: This spell will keep the temperature around the caster down, so that he/she will never overheat. It also is a quick way to cool off your soup or hot beverage.

Fighting Spells: Ice spear, Augment Weapon, Ice Form
Used in self defence or any other fighting needs

Ice Spear: This spell makes huge Ice spears surround the caster, and launch of at his or her will. Great for distance combat, since you cannot keep the spell up and fight unless you have very powerful magic and great amounts of concentration. Drains magic steadily, but slowly.

Augment Weapon: This spell augments the casters weapon, so that on contact the victim is frostbitten, making it easier to cut through flesh and bone. This is very handy for close combat melee.

Ice Form: This spell will make the caster turn into his/her pure ice form. Every caster has his.her own ice form, resembling mostly animals, but for the fancier more powerful spellcasters, myhical beasts such as dragons or mintaurs. Truly an ausome site to behold, it makes the caster harder to hit, and more, boosts other spells. Can only be used for limited time, and drains caster.

Sheild Spells: Ice Sheild, Ice Substitute, Freezing Stance
These spells enable the caster to defend self from injury and chance of escape. Uses quarter energy, ussually drains caster rest of the way.

Ice Sheild: This spell puts a protective barrier made of ice around the caster. The caster is protected from all melle attacks, but it is easy to break with simple spells. Gives the caster time to recollect his/her thoughts and to prepare for the coming onslaught. Last for limited time.

Ice Substitute: This spell makes an identicle substitute of the caster, giving them time to flee or attach from behind. Be warned, fire casters can and will melt the substitute and will be prepared for you.

Freezing Stance: This spell makes it so the attackers legs are frozen to the earth, giving the caster a limited time to get away or attack freely. Be warned yet again, fire casters will be able to escape faster then the rest.

Note to Readers: These spells descriptions, and spells, are just scratching the surface of Fire wielders power. There are many more unnamed spells, and spells described so-far can be used completley diffrent from the descriptions gave. Just remember, all spells absorb energy, and eventually you will wear yourself out. Never fully rely on magic, for it can let you down.
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Ice Spells
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