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 Fire Spells

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PostSubject: Fire Spells   Wed Jul 16, 2008 3:45 am

Magic Type : Fire

Spells, Descripitons of

Main Spells: Melt, Blasting heat, Fire blast, Scorch Balls
The main spells can be used without much use of bodies stamina or magic. Used Freely. Drains nearly no energy.

Melt: Melt is a commonly used spell, and very useful. It will temperature of any inadimate object, therefore melting it. Useful for breaking into locked doors, smithing, self defense against weapons, and warming up food and drinks.

Blasting Heat: Different then melting, Blasting heat, as said in the name, Blasts burning hot air out of the casters hands. Useful for Fighting, heating buildings, blow drying people/hair, and warning off wild animals.

Fire Blast: Fire blast shoots a stream of fire from the casters hand. Mainly used in fighting or warding animals away from villages/encampments. Can be used to kill.

Scorch Balls: Shoots burning spheres from casters hand. Used in fighting only, and very dangerous. Used to kill.

Death Spells: Engulfing Flames, Heat Flash, Burning Agony
Death spells are strictly forbidden outside of war. No matter the reason, if caught you will be sentenced to death. Drains all stamina and magic, leaving caster defensless unless very strong magic weilder, but the last ones existing to use more then 3 in a row were Lucifer, Blade, Darius and the War Cheif Captians. Rulers can cast 3 before left useless, and with mages present, 6. Some Rare cases of warriors being able to cast more then one exist, but rare and large bounty is on thier heads.

Engulfing Flames: This spell offers a quick painful death. The caster is also left completly paralyzed after wards. The spell engulfs the victim in flames, reaching alarming temperatures fast. Used for killing only.

Heat Flash: This spell can destroy more then one person at a time, for it blasts alarmingly high temperatures 25 feet around the caster. Caster is left scorched and paralyzed, and will need medical assistance as soon as possible. Used for killing large amounts of people.

Burning Agony: The most dreaded fire spell, this death spell will leave the caster drained of all energy, but nothing more. The spell Slowly burns the victims alive, starting at chosen body parts and slowly working its way to the heart. Used for extreme torture and killing. Forbiden in times of war as well.

Healing Spells: Amputation.
The fire spells are always dangerous, hence the little amount of healing Spells.

Amputation: As the name says, this spell will amputate the injured body part, and stop the blood flow. Useful for quick surgery, when you have no time to slowly cut limb off. Used for healing, but can be misused, being used for torture.

Daily Spells: Heat, Flame, Absorb Heat
These spells are generally not considered spells by the people of Fire Praries. They are always used, and even the smallest infant knows how to use them.

Heat: Applies slow heating to objects or people. Takes barely any energy. Used to warm people up, food up, or drinks up. Only enough heat to warm up pre-cooked food.

Flame: Ignites tip of casters finger with small flame. User feels no pain. Used instead of flint. Just enough to start fire.

Absorb Heat: Drains heat from objects. Used to cool food when to hot or to douse household flames. Can be used to heal burns.

Fighting Spells: Drain Heat, Augment Weapon, Self Ignite
Used in self defence or any other fighting needs

Drain Heat: More powerful version of absorb heat, this spell completley Drains the heat from objects. Cant be used on people, but still very useful. Used for Inflicting insult and injury, as the victim can be rendered weaponless in short time.

Augment Weapon: This spell augments the casters weapon, giving it a burning touch, and making it capable of searing through victim. Very useful. Used to add advantage for caster in hand-to-hand combat.

Self Ignite: This spell, without burning up the caster, ignites them with burning flames. Truly an ausome site to behold, it makes the caster harder to hit, and more boosts other spells. Can only be used for limited time, and drains caster.

Sheild Spells: Fire Surround, Carring Speed, Flash
These spells enable the caster to defend self from injury and chance of escape. Uses quarter energy, ussually drains caster rest of the way.

Fire Surround: A huge spere-like shape of flame surrounds the user, giving them temporary protection to build spell up, or to prepare self. Recommended if not willing to flee.

Carying speed: This spell can be very useful at times when a long distance needs to be travelled. The user becomes a flame like apparation, and the wind carries them with it. Bad idea to use while fighting someone capable of weilding wind. Many-a fighter has been destroyed by forgetting that point.

Flash: This spell does what it names states. It is just a huge flash of light, temporarily blinding victim. Gives caster time to escape, or get a cheap shot in quickly.

Note to Readers: These spells descriptions, and spells, are just scratching the surface of Fire wielders power. There are many more unnamed spells, and spells described so-far can be used completley diffrent from the descriptions gave. Just remember, all spells absorb energy, and eventually you will wear yourself out. Never fully rely on magic, for it can let you down.
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Fire Spells
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