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 Axel and Trap meet angry theives

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PostSubject: Axel and Trap meet angry theives   Tue Aug 12, 2008 12:08 am

Axel, with Trap on his back, was running to wherever the boy pointed. "Another shortcut?" Axel growled angrily. "The last one led us on a five minuet detour, to like two feet ahead of us. This one better be right." he had an uneasy feeling about this place.

Trap nodded, "I always take this shortcut, its not really the right way, and sometimes i get in trouble, but ery little. The people here like me, since I always sell them weapons. Its okay."

Axel sighed, but continued running. This place looked all too familiar. Jumping over a fallen man, he really began to worry. He had enough fighting for one day. Then it hit him. Literally. A large club slammed against his chest, sending him flying.

Trap s;id out from under Axel, whipping his sythe at the large theif infront of him. "Hey, he's with me!" he shouted, but the man paid no attention.

"Hey guys! Look who decided to turn up!" he shouted, grinning. five other theifs came out of the building infront of them, all curious. Laughing the man lifted up Axel from his foot, and the othermen whooted in glee. "I'll tell the bossman!" a scrawny one said, running back in the building.

Axel looked grogily at the man, and groaned. "Trevour. Long time no see,"

Theman just spat on Axel, smacking his body against the stone. "Shut up. Dont try trick me into helping. I wont fall for it." Just then a medium sized man, wearing a large hat walked out. "Look it, weasle didn't make it up. You actually had the guts to come back." he kicked Axel, lauging. "Stupid. You sealed his fate. Drop him Trevour." The large man obeyed, dropping Axel like a rock.

Axel quickly rolled away from the mans next kick, jumping to his feet. "So, Hattie finally became leader. Did you assasinate the last guy in his sleep, or get lucky and stab him from behind?"

The man snarled at Axel, drawing a large ordimental sword. "My name is not Hattie!" he roared, "Its David!"

Axel grinned. "So, thats the replacement weapon for Zasafiel. Lame really." he drew Zasafiel, and it sprung to life.

"We had a steel weapon, but those filthy grasshoppers stole it. And lost it," he said, glaring at Trap.

"Trap, get on my back. Quickly," Axel ordered, as he drew an ice sword. "We are going to either fight ourselfs out of here, or run. Next time you take a shortcut, make sure that it isnt straight to the next group of guys who want me dead, ok?"

Trap ran and jumped onto Axels back. "Lets run!" he ordered Axel as a bunch more men exited the building.

"Stop them!" David ordered, and there was aloud shout. Men began streaming out of the building then, either obeying or curious, but when somebody shouted that it was Axel, a lot more theives came running out of the palace of theives.

"GO GO GO!" Trap yelled, but Axel had already began running. "left! right! Other right! Around here!" he ordered, but the men were still behind them.

Axel sprinted around large piles of rubble, and around walls, until he ended up in a large clearing. "This isnt right..." he said holding up his hands, trying to tell left from right. "Oh, that was left! Oh..."

Traps eyes widened as he realized thier whereabouts. "GET OUT GET OUT GET OUT!" he screamed, "Were in the Temple! RUN!!!"

Axel realized what he had done, and felt like an idiot. This place was covered in traps, all deadly. "Over the wall!" he said, leaping over a small wall, but not before a large arrow shot out at them. Ducking, he covered Trap with his body. "Under the wall!" he suggested, crawling under some rubble. He cursed, rolling over Trap again. Theives were surrounding them, most holding crossbows. Using a large death spell, he cleared a small path, where he sprinted through, but not before receiving a bolt in the back. Luckily, his bag stopped the thing from doing real damage, but it probably dented a gold coin or two. Running, still following Traps directions, Axel ended up on the far side of a large building. "The door is over there! RUN!!" Axel began to pick up speed, as more bolts were fired at him. As he got to the door, somebody had opened it, causing him to halt completly.
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Axel and Trap meet angry theives
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