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 Frozen Flatlands

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PostSubject: Frozen Flatlands   Mon Jun 23, 2008 6:13 am

Frozen Flatlands
This area is like a frozen tundra. Have you ever been to alaska during the winter? Well, imagine that but colder. Thatas a warm summer day for them. These people can stand freezing temperatures, up to 0 F (thats -20 C for you canadians/ppl under queens influence) in Shorts! but of course, if you own shorts, you probably are rich, and will be living somewhere else, warm. Anyways, the people here generally sell these unbreakable ice crystal swords, that are expensive, but worth the price. The are not cold to the touch of the owner, and freezing to anyone besides the smith who forged them. To become the owner you must be there at the creating, and your blood must be added, otherwise you cant have them. And they dont melt ever, not even when a fire mage is burning it full fore. It is truly a mystery. The only times they melt is when the owner is dead.

Ice Palace
Everything in this palace is made out of the same crystal ice as the swords previously mentioned, but the magic is much deeper. Its not kept up by the blood of the owner, rather the magic of the people. Which generaly makes enemy armies avoid them, cause then the whole place will melt then flood. Not the ideal resort to take over, not at all. The cast itself consists of 77 room exactly. 7 are for the king alone, 7 for the mage, and 7 for the queen and her children. 7 more are for the chef, who is generally the best in the land, since the food served has to be just perfect. 7 rooms are for the treasury, 7 for the healer and her/his patients. 7 main rooms (ballroom, dining room, other ballroom, other dining room, dungeon, battlements/gaurd house and an extra room that the king just kinda uses whenever) There is no guest rooms, since the king figures they would be none, and if their are some, they must be important, and thats what the extra room is for.

Villages of Ice
These villages all have one basic outline. Igloos. They are all huge igloos. From a distance they all look like big hills. The reason for this is to protect the people from severe weather temperatures, and blizards. More often then not the igloos are covered from the top to the bottom with snow. Which make festivals for the villagers, since the temperature goes above 0 and they are all warm. It is at this time when the icesmiths go on a break, since their ice is located outside the village. The shape of the villages are also convenient for defence, since there is only one way in, unless you have burning hot fire constantly burning it. It is said that only once has a village melted, and that was during a plague of Rabid Fire Dragons that Blade sent out when the igloos were being constructed.

Ice Mines
These mines are located outside the villages, under layers and layers of ice. It is freezing down in the heart of the mine, so cold that it will freeze blood in 1 minuet of being exposed. Unless, that is, if you are a ice miner or icesmith. These people are experianced ice magicians, and they can drop their blood levels and raise the heat levels of them. But even then, they can only stand it for half hour then they are dead. The main reason for these mines are for that magical ice crystal they use to make the swords or important buildings or armour. It is found in huge chunks, just lying on the ground. But the thing is they are frozen to the frozen ground in freezing temperatures, so you cant just run in, grab it, and run out. Besides the raw form weighs three times as much as the real blades, but they actually will burn the skin right off of the enimies of the wielder.

Temple Of Ice
This temple is constructed by the indistructable ice previously mentioned. like the castle, its held up by the magic of the people, but mainly the magic of the priests. The priest basically live in the temples, gaurding the valuables with thier life. Their resistance to cold is inspiring. They can walk down the ice mines, and change down there. But by the time they make it down there, the magic will be pulling them back to the temple with force. Every priest has his blood ingraved ont the walls at birth, binding them there. They are stuck in the temples, for if they go to far, their blood will freeze and they will die.
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Frozen Flatlands
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