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 the wepons

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PostSubject: the wepons   Wed Aug 06, 2008 1:21 am

since i guess im figuring sll this out, i might as well right a page for it. but anyway, this will be your guide for your wepon, like my charicter biography, just for this site only. ill just give a quick outline then ill give mine.

they all want you to do evil, but in the way that most effects your charicter, you'll see what i mean when you read alex's

ps: also, as a side note, when wepons are in close proximity, they can talk to each other, but its in there minds like always

pss: as another side not and plot thingy, only alex can caryy more then one wepon, he cant use it, but he can carry, but for his troubles he gets two voices in stead of one, so if he wants he can give somebody a break for a while, just remember that the hand wants him to have them all, so be careful.

name; bob
wepon; a rock
element; bubbles
good thing it does, [as in, to help your charicter]. is very amusing
bad thing it does; gets soap in your eyes.
[can be more then one bad thing]
misc section;............

ok, heres the hand:

name, [has yet to be reviled, just the hand.]
wepon: is alexanders right hand
element: ice
good thing: warns alexander of danger by making the hand feal pain
bad thing: makes alexander do anything he will regret later, alex has a guilty conscience and thats the best way for the hand to get ahold of him
misc: the hand is the eldest of the wepons and is the most wise, it hates everything, save itself and its master, alex is not the hands master, just someone the hand is stuck with.
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PostSubject: Re: the wepons   Wed Aug 06, 2008 11:22 am

You want a list of the people with weapons? Well here's Myrda.

Name: Naya
Weapon: A ring, currently on a string around Myrda's neck
Element: Wind
Good thing: Magnifies Myrda's wind powers tenfold and can easily track the other weapons
Bad thing: Insane tempting little evil voice; Naya has a lot of demonic fun wrenching Myrda's emotions around and causing her to second-guess herself
Misc: Naya is like a really high teenager; fun-loving, insane, and with a really bad sense of humor... as in, she would seriously enjoy ripping an innocent man apart. Kind of like a really mental little sister; she is the youngest of the weapons.
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PostSubject: Re: the wepons   Fri Aug 08, 2008 2:40 am

Name: Zasafiel
Weapon: Rapier
Good thing: When axel is wielding it he can use all fire spells, and his body heals itself alarmingly fast.
Bad thing: when released it lets out a large blast of power then can be sensedfrom miles away, giving away Axels attention, it will kill the weilder if it doesnt have enough blood.
misc: Zasafiel and Dread are the closest weapons as 'friendship' between weapons goes. Axel and Zasafiel have a small bond, that makes getting rid of Zasafiel out of the question for him. They share the same lust... blood....

Name: Dread
Weapon: Large Buster sword
Good thing:Spells and stuff are cast right through the blade,and it can reflect any magic. Also, makes the weilder physically stronger.
Bad thing: The rock to fall first, Dread, through Blade, began the corruption. Not much other soul weapons like him.
Misc: weilded by blade, trapped in a large crystal right now.

Name: Truth and Trust
Weapon type: Mantis Blades
Good thing: The only weapon not corrupted, it weilds the power of light. Very Fast, allows the weilder to strike and vanish, which is good because its the weakest.
Bad thing: Will not kill anybody, Weaker then all other weapons, even the ring. It doesnt harness much magic, nor physical strength.
Misc: Weilded by Darius, also trapped in large crystal. wooh.
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PostSubject: Re: the wepons   

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the wepons
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