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 Bio Form

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PostSubject: Bio Form   Fri Jun 20, 2008 8:31 am

Name: -original names please; try not to use compound words like Fastfeet or Brighthead. These are not warrior cats, these are people.

Age(Years): - please keep in mind that these people ARE humans, and NOT elves, so uh... appropriate ages please. And the appropriate ages for warriors are 18-35 ish, so keep it around there.

Gender: - I am sure you know what i mean.

Region Of Sytheria: - The areas are fire, ice, wind, stone, steal, rouge, darkness, lighting.

Occupation: Like warrior, farmer, villager, gaurd, rouge, theif, bandit, etc

Main Magic Move: New idea, Danno Me Zahrah and Pebbs first post dont need them, since they were made before this. This is the main magic spell your person uses. If you have a non-magic character right N/A. The Types of magic and main spells are in descriptions, but of course, you read that already, right?

Physical Attributes: - Like Blonde hair, blue eyes, 5'2", Small build, but fast and agile, large scar running down face, tan, and is often seen wearingblack armour. Kept is short, but informative.

Attitude: - like is he/she grumpy cheerful, bubbly, Well though out, etc.

History: - what has happened so far in thier life

Other: - any thing else you wanted to add that was left out.

Role-play Example: - I hate doing these as much as you do, and generally it doest really matter, but unless your rank is Pro, or you have at least 4 bios that have been approved and you've been a member for 3 months, your making a role-play example. SO bear through with it. And, Hey, At least i am nice enough to let the experianced RP'rs here get away without doing these.

Rules Code: - this is in the rules


Region Of Sytheria:
Physical Attributes:




Role-play Example:

Rules Code:
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Bio Form
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