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PostSubject: CAPTURED   Wed Jul 30, 2008 12:20 pm

alexander tychicus and mydra have been captured by un known persuwers, and will be taken to a slave camp in wind territory, there you may join in if you wish with a charicter, but the general plot line is this:
1. travel
2. arrivel
3. prison camp
4. esscape [possible add from grasshoppers.]
5. rescue of alexander [and some very imposrtant personal items.]

these people have been chasing alex for some time, and now they have him, time is off the essance if alex is to escape alive. but he will not leave without these things:
1. his fathers will
2. his sword
3. his armor, and other assorted gear

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PostSubject: Re: CAPTURED   Wed Jul 30, 2008 12:41 pm

Uhhhh hang on.

We have Alexander who is getting dragged off (where Danno?) by the cloaked riders.

Myrda and Tychicus are getting dragged around by slavers in the ThunderClap Hills.

Anyone who wants to buy one of my characters is welcome to, or attempt a rescue, or just play a slaver is called to creativity!

I'm thinking Alexander gets rescued by the Grasshoppers, and he'll meet Myrda and Tychicus again later...

What do you think?
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PostSubject: Re: CAPTURED   Thu Jul 31, 2008 6:01 am

hmmm.... When I get to editing my post, and axel is banished from the temple, he can leave to thunderclap hills, in hope not to be caught. He will be killed if caught by authorities, since he always does death spells. Then he can see the slave drivers, burns afew, free the slaves, and then give them supplies and leave like he ussually does. That is what he lives for, freeing slaves and whatnot.

oh, and he probably will have a half insane wind guy with him. Just because they both want all slavers and murderous people dead, which isnt really solving anything, but w/e.
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PostSubject: Re: CAPTURED   Fri Aug 01, 2008 6:01 am

Cool, this looks like a lot of fun!
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PostSubject: Re: CAPTURED   

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