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 What Has Happened in This World

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PostSubject: What Has Happened in This World   Wed Jun 18, 2008 10:32 am

Ok, This May Sound lame, But this is based off a books storyline I WROTE. Thats right, not read, but wrote. AND to top it off I twisted the storyline because i dont want you guys brining in modern day people. So uh... if you everplan on reading it, stop reading now. like NOW. But I wont post it on the web until it is 100% proofread and perfected. By like 4 different teachers, so dont hold your breath.

Darkness' Plague
There is no book called Darkness' Plague. This is the world Before Daniel entered it, and after, leaving out Daniel all together.

There was Peace in the Land of Sytheria. The people were more primitive, and no castles or cities were built. There was clans and Tribes, all the same power, but spread out across the empty plains. The Only Building in the whole land were the temples, Fire Ice Steel Darkness Rock Lighting Wind Water and Light. Every Year People of the Land Visted these temples, Honoring the source of their magical abilities. Little was known at the time of how they got their abilities, but No one cared. The only questions that ever accured was why did the cheiftans get the powers of their fallen men? Even if knew tribes came, the knew cheiftan gained the powers. But All was Calm...

And Then Came Lucifer. As the cheiftans of darkness' son, he had witnessed his father gain powers many-a times. The thought of that power thrilled him. So much that he strangled his father at night, gaining his powers. As Cheiftan, no one expected him a murder. Butevery week he killed a new man. Then every few days. Then Every Day. He Did it by magic, so that the people would think it was sickness from magic misuse. Soon it appeared as if the sickness was affecting someone everyday. Then it Was. Lucifer couldnt stop. He Wanted that power. Then one Day he defiled the lands of Sytheria. He Destroyed his tribe. With all the power he accumulated, he just struck them all dead, destroying their protective magic sheilds. Then he Began hunting clans of Darkness. Soon he had devised a plan to make it so no clan could deny him place of cheiftan. He destroyed the cheiftan and his children. Lucifer figured out that if he had destroyed all the remains of the cheiftans authority he could gain thier old powers. Then He would destroy the clan. Soon the other clans and tribes had heard of it, but a that time they wer not yet united, so no one stop Lucifers Tryanical Rein. There was Darkness in the Land....

The only person that seemed trouble was the leader of the light. There was only one light tribe, and they lived in what we now refer to as the Ruins. His name was Raphael. Raphael was so troubled that he called a meeting with his tribe to stop Lucifer. His Tribe agreed that Lucifer had gone to far. As the keepers of the peace, the light clan decided to confront Lucifer. Raphael met him one day disguised as a peddler. Lucifer sensed his power, but said nothing. As Rapheal tried to sell Lucifer some ancient artifact, Lucifer was trying to come up with a way to destroy the light in Rapheal. Lucifer Absent mindly bought the item, and Raphael left him, grinning. Later that day Lucifer Figured out how to destroy the power of light in Raphael, and began the sorcery. Meanwhile, Raphael And his Tribe were activating a spell of their own. A spell to seal Lucifers powers. Just as Lucifer finished his spell and released it, Raphael and his clan did the same. Then The Fireworkks began. The Force of Lucifers spell was faster then Raphaels and it nearly destroyed Him, but Raphaels spell met it in just as it entered the ruins. There was a huge flash of Light, Then Darkness, Then Light, etc. After awhile another colour was forming. The Light tribe at that time was all blind, and Lucifer found himself weakning.
Then There was an explosion. All was Dark...

When Lucifer Woke up, his powers were back to normal. Soon, after attempting to investigate, and failing, he went back to his dead. Except, at the last clan, Him Killing the cheif and his son did not gain him powers. In Fact, it weak'nd him. So much that it startled him. And another humans powers peaked in power. He sensed it, and followed his keen sense to a baby. and indeed, its skin was darkening, and it was absorbing the powers. Lucifer didnt know whether to kill it or to leave it alone. at that time a fight broke out in camp. Compelled, lucifer took the baby from its mother, and walked into the camp, the mother, enthralled by lucifers looks and air of authority, followed obediantly. Her Name was Ate. Lucifer as cheiftan was supposed to stop the fight, but he watched with glee. The losers powers were to be his. As one of the fighters died, lucifer waited for the powers to come to him. Instead he was drained, and the child gained the powers. Lucifer, afraid of dieing, let the child live. He lived as cheiftan and forgot the threat the people of light had poised to him. He took Ate as his wife, as her husband was the man they watched die, and lived peacfully. All was still...

The People of light were all dead, save Raphael. He lived, but barely. Dragging himself to the center of the ruined temple of light, he lifted the item off the ground. This had fell from the blast. A Gold RIng, with a magical gem in the middle. The color grey swirld like mist in the center. Rapheal gave his life force into the gem, and died. At that Moment there was a blast of power, and men and women appeared in around the temple, all clad in armour and swinging their weapons. They all stumbled and fell, looking for their foes. But they were gone. After awhile of being shocked, these people knew they had to survive and built themselfs homes and shelters, staying in that area, hoping to survive. All was still...

Awhile later (wrapping this thing up) Lucifer got restless and left, leaving his foster son and trained apprentice to fend for himself awhile. When he came back, he saw that the tribe had greatly decreased and his foster son, whose name was Blade, was in the midst of killing a man. Lucifer waved his hand and the spell was stopped short. He knew it was not by his hand, but he feared that if he was near a death, he would be affected. Blade turned around quickly and shot a death spell at Lucifer. It hit him, but had no affect at all, which chocked Blade. Lucifer grinned at Blade, and said "My Son, You Have Improved" ... the world stirred.

A LONG time later Blade was a grown Man, and Lucifer was gaining in years. He had told blade to kill the village, including Ate, Blades mother. Blade obliged and was powerful. Lucifer found a girl while walking, whos power was unbelievable. They had fogotten her, but he was sure Blade would Have difficulties destroying her at that time. Now he could obliterate her without second thoughts. He also sensed something familiar in this girl. He made her his Slave. ( to make it real breif) He found out she was his daughter, Blade found out she was his true heir as well. So He decided to kill them both. He Snook into Dameons quarters at night, planning on stabbing her, but she was not there. He walked down the halls searching, and heard Lucifers voice. He was talking to Dameon about Blade. As blade slowling walked in, Lucifer said "He he is Now." Dameon Jumped back over the desk (she has the fighting skills of a cat, fast agile, and has an enourmas verticle) and stood behind Lucifer. "Come to Kill son?" Lucifer asked, and smiled. Blade realised he was busted, and unleashed his sheild spell. Lucifers death spell bounced off, and Blade snarled "You are not my father. You Will Die today, even if that means by killing me" Blae said, knowing of Lucifers weakness. Lucifer, taken aback, turned to Dameon. "Run and Hide" he told her, and he faced Blade. "Then I shall immobalize you" He snarled, and ran at Blade, death spells flaring. Blade blocked them all, and used a summoning spell. His Huge Great Sword Sprung into his hand, and he charged Lucifer, slicing his deathspells away as if they were nothing. "This Sword Shall Be your End!" Blade said, (he was like a Lion. Powerful, and physical) Soon they were fighting spell for sword, sword spell for death spell. Meanwhile, Dameon removed her throwing knifes, and climbed up onto the tops of the walls, throwing them at Blade. Blade blocked them, letting lucifer get a spell in, weakening Blade. While Lucifer was getting back towards dameon, Blade got the advantage on him and Threw a deathspell his way, then his sword. The Spell Struck Lucifers sheild weakening it, and then the sword shattering it, and then Blades Sword Spell (a special spell to put on swords, its like a shadow of thier actions) Lucifer, Nearly Dead from the powerful combo, shouted to Dameon to Flee. Then He let his Spell Errupt. Dameon was already Gone when the Castle Blew up. She knew her father was dead by her sudden extreme boost of power. The world trembled...

SUPER BREIF Dameon met up with a boy named Darius , whos whole elemental group was destroyed by the ever power craving Blade, and they went towards the ruins. They Found a group of Warlocks, finding out that they to had their village destroyed. Getting together with them and the anti-magic Barbarians, they formed an army and fought against Blade. With the help of an unnamed hero, Darius and Dameon ended up under the temple fighting Blade. The unnamed Hero was Also there, weilding the power of light, Dark, and Anti-Magic. Soon With Dameons and Darius' extra magic, they sealed Blade under the dark temple, but at a cost. Darius was also sealed with him, and dameon to boot. THe hero returned to his forgien lands, and all was still. The Lands are at peace...

Now the lands are ruled by the Magic-resistant Barbarians, advised by the shamans from each tribe. The people left after Blades evil reign soon went back to peace, and their powers all returned to normal. There is no Monarchy in the whole land of Sytheria, but in each different elemetal place there is a ruler, king or queen. The villagers are getting restless though. Great swordsmen and warriors are coming from the lands, but there is no use to the skills save to fight off the theifs and dark wolves left behind from Blade. But the Dark king has plans in mind for the land... sinister plans....

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What Has Happened in This World
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