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 Pathway to the temple....

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PostSubject: Pathway to the temple....   Thu Jul 17, 2008 10:07 am

Occ: Long and probably against everything rp stands for, seems how it was all by myself. but pebble wanted me to hurry up and post. Oh, and the mans bio still needs to be finished. He has a no name, seems how he was [still is, but that will come on later] insane. Editing finished. Oh, and sorry for the bold for what they say and then stopping doing that. It annoyed me. alot.

Myst sighed, looking ahead of her. This was a difficult place to travel in, thats for sure. She had just managed to cross the gorge, and now there was this. Infront of her lay a huge maze, probably equipped with snakes and skulls. Great she thought to herself as she slowly entered. I am going to just have to follow the scent of water, i guess she told herself, as she slowly walked forward. She grabbed a hunk of dried meat, and began walking. At ever turn, she left a peice of meat just inside the turn, to let her know if she had entered or not. Singing a sweet tune to herself, she walked at a brisk pace, knowing that this would be impossible in the dark. Afew meat chunks, snakes, skulls, and hours later she was out, laying on the ground in exhaustion.

Axel slowly walked across the pre-made bridge, giving the girl credit. So far, she had managed to pass this gourge, and the lions. He had just fried the lions, taking their cooked meat, not caring for the poor beasts. The girl forgot one thing, to cover her tracks. So far it had been him covering them, and him warding off theives. He didnt know why he was following her, but the sword wanted her gone, so he felt that she could help him. As he entered the maze, he noticed the meat. He figured that she had common sense to take the meat off the no go trails to use them, but unfortunetly that was not so. So after afew errors and mistakes, he made it out, chewing on some meat. Stopping behind the sleeping girl, he sighed, putting some lion meat in her pack. He wanted to know where she was going fbefore he talked to her. Sitting down near her, he attempted to light a fire, but failed. "These accursed death spells..." he muttered to himself, and went off to get a rodent of some sort. Soon, after a frantic and frustrating search, he had a small mouse trapped under a bunch of wood. Lighting it on fire, he also set the wood, building a small fire. He didnt expect the mouse to shriek, but when it did it was loud. Swearing, he incinarated the mouse, jumping to his feet. But it was to late, and the girl was up.

Myst looked up at the man infront of her, shocked. "Who are you!" she shouted, drawing the dagger he had given her. "Back of, or I will use this!" she snarled, waving the dagger in a manner she thought was intimidating.

Axel jumped back in shock from the girls antics. He with a chuckle, and quickly tried to stop, but it couldn't be helped. This small girl was waving the dager like it was some kind of beacon, and it was still in its sheath. Soon he was laughing so hard, tears were in his eyes, and he was sitting down trying to stop.

Myst looked at the man in shock and anger. "Why are you laughing?" she demanded, pointing the dagger at him. In the fire light she realized it was still sheathed, and felt like an idiot. Quickly shoving it in her pack, she glared at him angrily. "Well, I can tell you are not going to touch me, but why are you here?" she asked him, but he was to busy laughing to respond. Grabbing her bag like it was a club, she swung it at the man, knocking him off his feet.

Axel stopped laughing in shock. Jumping to his feet, he snarled, grabbing for the sword on his back, which was screaming in his mind. Kill Her!! KILL HER!! Axel stopped himself in shock. What was he doing?

Myst saw death in the mans eyes, and backed off. His eyes burned like embers! She grabbed a peice of burning wood and swung it at him, "Back!" she shouted, before he could do anything, "Ba-" she stopped short. This was the same man that saved her twice, who she had owed her life to. In shock she didnt realize the burning stick lighting his shirt on fire.

Axel, Staying still while she wung her branch, stared at her during her pause. Her eyes... they were familiar... To busy thinking his shirt caught on fire. The girl shrieked and started to apologize. To Axels surprise, the fire didnt hurt his body, but he still wanted to remain clothed, so he started smaking the fire out.

]Myst, completly mortified at what she had done, Trying to use her little water magic to help him. What she got surprised them both. Two jetstreams of water shot from her hand, throwing axel through the tree behind him and into the next. Myst tried to remain calm, but she couldnt grasp at what she just did. She never had done something so powerful before! walking around the trees she saw Axel, bleeding from the head. Noticing the tree's trunk was cracked, she attempted another jetstream, and knocked the thing away from Axel.

From a distance, the strangers eyes narrowed. He saw the tresspassers earlier, but he figured to let them live. But not after the girl had destroyed his precious trees. No, she was dead, along with that man who had killed his friend. They were both going to taste cold hard steel tonight....

After a good hour or so, Myst managed to clean the wound, and partially bandage it. She stood back, looking at her work, and sighed. It was a very sloppy job. As a slave, she never had to do this. It was always fetch food, cook food, wash dishes. Nothing that involved blood. Undoing the bandages, she noticed something in the corner of her eye. It looked like a large bird, but with a mans body. She tried to remain calm, as it watched her every move. her hands shaking, she began redoing the bangage, more hastily, glancing nervous looks in that direction.

She saw you! the voice whispered, and the man stood up, brandishing two small axes. You better be right he muttered, and jumped down from his tree branch, parachuting his fall with his large reptilian wings.

Myst heard the man respond to someone and saw him fall. That was all she needed before whipping out her dagger, threatening the man with it. "Back of mister, or this dagger will be in you gut..." she said shakily.

She Dares to threaten you! Dont let her stand. Destroy her! the voice shouted, and the man swung his axes at the girl, using no skill, but still, it was a deadly onslaught.

Myst Yelp, and jumped backed, tripping over Axel. "Thats it," she told the man, grabbing for one of three swords. Attempting to pull it from the sheath, her hand felt as if it were frostbitten. yelping in fury, she noticed the one on his back was loose, and she grabbed for it, just as the man swung his axe down.

Axels eyes snapped open as soon as the girl touched his sword. Kicking her sideways, he snarled at her, but realized her desperation, whipping out one of his crystal swords, he parried the blow from the mab, kicking his chest. "Why the hell are you attacking her?" he snarled at the man, pulling out his other sword.

He touched you! kill him! Kill Him! the voice demanded, but another urged him to stay. He is better then you. See his scars? The girl, go for the girl!
Confused at what to do, he swung his axes simutanously at the man with red hair, but he caught it with his swords. Again and again he hit at the man, but he stopped every blow.

Axel sighed and sheithed one sword, facing his palm at the man. "I give you two choices. Die Fast or Die Fighting. Either way, you die." he had no idea what this mans reaction would be, he looked a little crazy.

He threatens with magic, powerful magic the first voice pointed out, casually.
He will kill us. Dont let him use the magic. His hand, hit his hand. the second voice ordered. The man Swung one axe at the sword hand, and the red haired man stopped it with ease. But before he could react, he swung his axe at his palm hand, loging it deep within the bone.

Axel yelped in pain and fury, pulling his hand back, along with the axe. Dropping his one rapier, he pulled the axe out of his palm, leaving him vulnerable.

Now both voices shouted, and with one swift move, the man grabbed a large axe from his back, and swung it with both hands down at Axel.

A resounding clash echoed through the country side, as Axel blocked the blow. Holding with his good hand Zasafiel, he blocked the move. Slowly bringing his hand up, he cut through the axe, leaving naught but the hilt. "Now your going to die," he snarled, flashing the large rapier in the sun.

The man fell back, astonished and frightened. That sword... That sword.... Shaking in anger, he ignored the voices telling him to run, standing up. "That sword..." he said shaking in anger, "Was the one used to kill her...." He ran at Axel, his hand poised as a claw, his long strong fingernails sharpened to points.

Axel whipped his sword at the man, but he was airbourne.

Dropping down on Axel, the man cut into his back, then flipped back over as he whipped his sword at him again.

"I dont recall ever seeing you," Axel yelled, "But let you know this. THat was the last time you will touch me." Zasafiel pulsed with power, as it slowly regained its original strength. The Rapier flashed with heat and magic, fully renewed. It was a good 6 feet long at full strength, able to cut through every steel that stood before it.

Its magic coursed through Axels mind, showing him memories of its past. An image of a large man holding a small girl by the neck, as passerbyers stared, and a man similar to this one, beating on his arm. Another large man ran at the man with the girl, but was cut down by the rapier. The man that stood before him ran out of the building, and stopped in shock. He shoutted at the people around him, but noone helped. Crying, he told the man to let go of his sister, but he just tightened the grasp on her neck, demanding payments. The kid kicking him was grabbed by another man, and stabbed through the back. Soon the girl was stabbed, and the large man turned to the man trying to get help. He used the rapier like a useless club, and charged at the man, but he was in the air, weeping before he got there. The sword revieled how long ago that was, and it shocked Axel. That was the first time a theif lord had ever weilded Zasafiel, over 5 decades ago!

The man Ran at Axel while he was standing still, but Axel whipped the long rapier at him, stopping him in his tracks. falling to his knees, the man bled from a large wound in his stomache.

"I remeber you," Axel told the man, walking towards him. "You are the boy who fled from Zasafiel. The one who swore revenge. How are you still alive?" he asked casually, waiting for a response.

Caughing up blood, the man glared at Axel, the voices stilled. "Do you not know anything? This area around the temple is powered by a strong magic. I am ageless here, free to take my revenge on all passerbyers. Waiting for you..." he coughed some more blood up.

Myst ran to the man, but Axels rapier slapped against her stomache, flat side. "He is dieing. I cant let him die!"

Axel just stared at the man, the rapier in his hand, it was nearly impossible not to stab him. "I know what you have been through, your family killed before you eyes. It must have been hard. So you kill innocent people, including attempting to kill this women, just for walking by? Hardly appropriate. You should of at least went for the theives. You are a coward, who doesnt even know how to weild a simple axe."

The man shook with rage, causing more blood to flow. "I was going to let you by, but you killed the mouse, and she the trees. They told me to, and i was happy to oblige."

Axel nodded, stepping back. With his bleeding hand, he gripped the blade of the sword, causing his blood to freely run down the blade. The blade soon was covered in blood, and shrunk back to its original size. He quickly shoved it in the wrapped up sheath, covering the blade. "Wash his wound and bandage it, quickly," he ordered Myst, but feeling his bandage, he grinned. "Just clean it, i will bandage it. And you, dont try anything." Dropping to his knees, he ripped his sleeve, wrapping it around his hand.

Myst obliged, and soon the wound was cleaned and bandaged. "Now then boys, you stay here, I place to go to." turning to Axel she pointed her finger. "And dont you dare try being a creep and following me again, or I will personally see to your death. got it?" with that she walked off, leaving the two men.

Axel shouted at her to run, and turned to the man. "What is your name?" he asked him, but the man just glared at his and shrugged. He hadnt said anything to him since he had cut him down, not even when he was bandaging him. "You know, i coulda killed you. I was nice and stopped it."

The man stood up, glaring at Axel. "I would be better off dead. You killed my family. I will kill you."

Axel sighed, and shook his head. "It wasnt me, it was probably Sr. Will Bleed. Named after his unfortunet death, after stabbing himself. SO he died by this sword as well. But if you want more revenge we could go hunting for theives. I will not let you stay here."

The man bent down to grab his axes when an arrow whizzed by his head. Standing up, he spotted a bunch of warriors, clad in the royal armour. "Call me whatever you want, but for now, we have company."

Axel saw the gaurd, and ran at the man, grabbing him. "This is where we run. I think they sensed Zasafiel. I am not in the mood to get arrested and killed, and fighting these guys is not a good idea."

They both ran into the maze, the gaurd in pursuit. Hiding under some bones and old clothing they waited for the gaurd to fly by, but after awhile of waiting, they figured the gaurd was gone, and fled through the maze.

"We have to leave this place," Axel said, "to thunderclap hills?" he suggested, but the man remained silent. "There it is then. Lets go."

And they were off, but not without afew arguements and curses.
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Pathway to the temple....
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