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 Dark Villages

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PostSubject: Dark Villages   Mon Jun 16, 2008 7:20 am

Dark Villages
Peaceful after the Great War, this area is oddly soothing, yet frightening. The trees are all twisted, but calm at the same time. The Atmostphere lets you relax, but at the same time watching for evil. And the sun is only up 4 hours a day, blocked by the Rocky Mountains and the Thunderclap hills. The residents skins are all tainted black after the War, to force the memory in their minds eternally.

Eternal Palace
This Palace Looks like a giant mosque, But its pure Black, and is eternaly in shadows, hence the name Eternal Palace. The Palace consists of the throne room, the Room of Shadows, the courtyard, the servants rooms, four forges, stables, rooms for guests, the Kings Room, the Kings Study, the Kings Library, the Head Mages Room Library and Study, and the pool of fortune. The king is a Dark figure, and not trusted by the other Lords of the Land

Villages of Dark
Every House Is Different here. Unlike the Name, this village is very colorful and lively. Everyone Dresses in Bright and Colorful clothing, and the mood is cheery. A latern lit at every door, the candle doused at daytime. When ones latern is not lit, the darkness will enter your home, destroying all signs of joy and hope. All color is drained, and the house goes black. This is caused by a great spell unleashed during the war.

The Dark Market
The Dark Market stands out of the crowd. It is the largest legal market in the Land. Every shop is lit up by magic, and anything you can legaly buy is sold. It connects every village together, making travel between them busy, but safe. It is unwise to travel without at least 12 people around in these areas.

Temple Of Darkness
At this time the temple is closed of all activities but weekly praise to the Creator. Well, at least thats what the Senate Thinks, but in reality, the king has his dark preist working daily in the temples underground tunnels, preforming what can only be known has treachery to mankind...

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Dark Villages
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