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 Water Spells

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PostSubject: Water Spells   Wed Jul 16, 2008 7:52 am

Magic Type : Water

Spells, Descriptions of

Main Spells:
The main spells can be used without much use of body's stamina or magic. Used Freely. Drains nearly no energy.

Cool Mist: Almost like a wet fog, the caster brings up some water vapor. Useful for crashing an outdoor party, cooling off your plants, freaking out your cat, or starting a water gun fight.

Fountain: The caster, using a body of standing water, causes the water to act like a fountain. Useful for entertaining little kids or filtering drinking water. Or as a bird bath. lol!

Breath of Fresh Water: Caster can breath underwater after only casting the spell on themselves once.

Trickle: Pours enough water out of casters hand or object to let the caster drink, their companions, and their mounts.

Death Spells:
Death spells are strictly forbidden outside of war. No matter the reason, if caught you will be sentenced to death. Drains all stamina and magic, leaving caster defenseless, unless very strong magic wielder. The only ones to use more then 3 of these spells in a row were Lucifer, Blade, Darius and the War Chief Captains. Rulers can cast 3 before left useless, and with mages present, 6. Some Rare cases of warriors being able to cast more then one exist, but they are rare, and a large bounty is on their heads.

Dehydrate: The caster sucks all the water out of their victim. Disgusting to behold and a horrible way to die....

Healing Spells:
These spells are usually difficult to comprehend and use, and drain the amount of energy from the caster depending on how severely the victim was injured

Hydrate: Water works wonders on all sorts of illnesses and wounds.

Fighting Spells:
Used in self defense or for any other fighting needs

Water Gun: Can be used playfully or with serious pressure, the caster calls up a jet of water they can fire in any direction.

Rainstorm: The caster can call up a reaaaaaaaaaaaaaally ugly storm, complete with hailstones.

Geyser: The caster sends a jet of groundwater tearing through the surface of the earth and blasting high into the air. These can erupt right underneath any opponents.

Flood: The caster can drag groundwater above ground, flooding an area.

Torrent: Using a large standing body of water- preferably a river, lake, ocean, and wet swamps work as well - the caster starts a water storm, flinging water and waves all over the place. Fun to get creative or deadly with.

Shield Spells:

These spells enable the caster to defend himself from injury or give him a chance to escape. Uses a quarter of your energy; usually drains caster the rest of the way if used for a long time.

Whoosh: The caster throws a cheap shot to give himself a chance to run away; he flings dirty water at his opponent's eyes.

Note to Readers: These spells’ descriptions, and spells, are just scratching the surface of Water wielders’ power. There are many more unnamed spells, and the spells described so-far can be used in a completely different manner from the descriptions given. Just remember, all spells absorb energy, and eventually you will wear yourself out using any kind of spell. Never fully rely on magic, for it can let you down.
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Water Spells
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