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PostSubject: Oceana   Wed Jul 16, 2008 5:44 am

This is a truly wonderful city, full of colour and life. The People are always ready for action and adventure, and the sports life is high. Since there is no worries of loosing supplies, crops, or animals, they mostly live lazily happy lives. But thats just the surface... er.. well its underwater and the surface isnt to well... figure of speech... Anyways, above the water domes, and the sea, is rocky outcrops and land, and forests. The people living up on the surface are generally bitter people, and cruel. When you are kicked out of the domes, this is where you are sent to live distruptive lives of your own. The slave merchants find this place the most profitable, even more so then the Shamans. They will pay high prices to live lazy lifes as their brethren in the glass domes.

Glass Palace
This is seperate from the villages, and connected through a small narrow dome. The only dome tinted, and guarded. The castle consist of nearly identicle designs as the ice palace, except it is domed shaped and smaller. It is made of the same ice that the castle is made from in the ice realm, as with all the domes. Some say it is because of the "Water dwellers" that the ice realm is so profitable. The truth is that the "Water dwellers" originated from the ice realm, so they really just borrowed money from themselfs.

Villages of Water
These villages are domes like the snow villages, except they are made of the special ice, in thin layers. They are very clean cities, and the villagers have set up a huge arena in the center of all the villages and take pride in their favourite sport. Underwater Rugby. Since all the players are water mages, they can all breath in the water, and easily swim. This sport takes real talent, and alot of the villages funds are based of the bets and tickets for this sport. This realms people literally forgot the war and moved on to cheerful, celebrative times.

Fields of Coral
These are all located just outside the villages, and are an ausome supply for food and lost treasure. There is a certain fish in the oceans and lakes that collect shiny objects and store them in their coral home. Well, the people from Oceana are the ones who harvest the shiny things and sell them for loads. Hence the rich living and giant arena.

Temple of Water
This temple is located underwater, just outside the domes, opposite side of the Feilds of Coral. The temple is used only for dark times or times of celebration, since the water people erased the war and shunned the "Powers" that gave them the gift of magic. They are convinced that it was self gained and that its themselves to thank for the magic. Boy are they in for a surpise...
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