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 Fire Fields

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PostSubject: Fire Fields   Mon Jun 16, 2008 6:51 am

Plains Of Fire
Burning hot, Anyone who enters these plains without a heat resistant spell will soon die from overheating. The People of the Plains All posses the magic of fire, so they can resist these overwhelming temperatures. Aside from the temperature, these plains are gorgeous, and if you enter the land just at twilight, it seems as if the whole place is alight.

Basalt Palace
This Palace is an Ausome Site. Made of 100% Basalt, the building towers above the flat plains, and can be seen from miles away. It brings hope to the villagers, always feeling the presence of their loving King. The Palace consist of the throne room, the ball room, the courtyard, the servants rooms, four forges, stables, rooms for guests, the Kings Room, the Kings Study, the Kings Library, the Head Mages Room Library and Study, and an excess of empty rooms and hidden tunnels.

Villages of Fire
These Villages All Have Giant Torches in their town centers, and at every corner medium large torches, to prevent anyone from being lost at night. Unfortunetly, the architect who made all the towns, Made every street, road, and building look the same. After the Great War, the old houses that had been destroyed were replaced by new houses, all different. So When one is traveling down the old streets and villages, be sure to bring a guide, or you will be lost.

Fire Fields
The Farmers who work on these fields appreciate the heat more than one would exspect. Their animals; Hell dogs, Fire Bulls, Flaming Sheep, and, according to their farmers, rare flaming roosters, all love the fields. Their crops, Sugar Cane, Coffee Beans, Catcti, and Flame Reeds also grow in abundance

Temple of The Flame
Dark Rituals were once held in these walls, along with darker deeds. After the great war, the evil priests who once held the temple in their hands were all killed or in hiding. New priests, who where installed by the kings and the great mages approval, now teach young children the arts of magic, to survive in these harsh lands.

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Fire Fields
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