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 Character Blue Prints: Needed -Danno's

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PostSubject: Character Blue Prints: Needed -Danno's   Wed Jul 16, 2008 3:56 am

Making a character
by Daniel Eskew
When making a character, you have to start with a foundation, your characters history. This is what you have done, what other people know of you, and what you know off yourself. Second, you need your characters personality, this is how you act, what others expect of you, and what you expect of yourself. Third, are your characters mindset and goals, ill explain why these two are together later, but these are how your character thinks, what you want to accomplish, and how far you’re willing to go. Final, and least important, is the misc section, just anything you want to throw into your character to make them feel more like a real person, quirks, conditions, [can be important], and anything that makes you, well, you. At the end, ill put them together to give you some samples.

First, we have history, ill lay most of this out in outline form, but it’s where your character starts, literal and figuratively.
I. History: three BASIC [can vary] types
A. Young/new/green/you just started out
1. Your starting from scratch, as an example, you just turned 18 and are ready to make your way in life.
2. Usually has no idea where to start, can be brash and hast full, no one really knows who you are.
3. Usually has a “knack” for whatever it is they are doing, they have never done it before, yet, it’s like they’ve been doing it all there life.
II. Regular/average guy
A. Don’t misinterpret, what I mean is, you’re a bit older [as in 24-30ish, still young], and you have a normal life
B. You’re just another face in the crowd, another person in town, some people know you, or may know of you.
C. You soon discover your not as normal as you thought, this can be anything from, physical change, discovery of latent powers, to just anything you want to come up with that makes you no longer normal, but abnormal.
III. Veteran/hero/famous person
A. Usually an older person [36 – whatever] your famous, you’ve done great things, everyone knows your name.
B. Not the best character choice, you already have a history, you already did something amazing, not much left but to get more famous.

Well, that does it for basic history
Okay, we’ve covered history, so now we will cover personality, this is how you ACT, and what has CAUSED you to ACT the way you do. This is similar to mind set, not the same, similar
There are a bunch of different kinds, but ill give you what I feel are the basic three
I. Lost
A. One way or another, your lost, not as in, [where am I] think [who am I, why am I like this, how did this happen], usually, your lost, because you lost something, most commonly memories or people who where important to you. Ill give how they correlates to the 3 histories
B. Young: can be a traumatic childhood, something happened when your where young, you do or don’t remember, your trying to find out why it happened
C. Regular: can be a traumatic childhood, more commonly, recent events have caused you loss of what you had. [family, memories, status in society]
D. Veteran: usually haunting memories or loss of important ones.
II. Profound
A. Basically, you’re a big shot, for one reason or another. Great things are expected of you, don’t think [I’m the head honcho] think [because of [fill in the blank] this is something I can do that most people cant] that fill in the blank can be training, experience, anything that will fit the bill
B. Young: family line or other reason
C. Regular: recent events involving yourself
D. Veteran: reputation, experience
III. Leadership
A. Now, all characters can have this, but I’m talking in a more specific scale, why you’re a leader, and how.
B. Young: people may follow you because your inspiring, ex: joan of ark
C. Regular: above and beyond the call of duty, or “dead mans boots” for those of you who don’t know what that is, because someone is “dead” you walk in there “boots” not literally, means your stepping In for a superior because you’re the next in line.
D. Veteran: because you have lead so much already, you’re a natural choice.

Now we have your characters mindset and goals. These are together for this reason; your mindset, how you think, will affect how you ACT, goals, what you want to accomplish, see how they correlate? If not, ill order it differently, goals, what you want to do, mindset, what you’ll do to accomplish those goals, see it now? Now there are many different mind sets, ill just put a few down, and ill give some basic goals too.
1. Watchful, you very attentive, you watch over your men [or yourself], and yours [or you] alone
2. Stern, not mean, stern, you don’t like it when people don’t get it right, but your always there to show them
3. Careful, you take things slow a cautious, your always in the front, or the back
4. Caring, you care about everyone and everything, willing to die for your friends, its hard for you to hate
5. Suicidal, not kill yourself, but you don’t care if you do end up dead, usually will take the suicide mission without a second thought.
1. Revenge, pretty straight forward, many reasons
2. New life, your trying to escape the old and find a new
3. Escape, for some reason, your running from something
4. Honor, your looking to get it, or just keep it
5. Protection, not for yourself, but others

The misc section isn’t really THAT important, but its if you want to
1. Can be anything you want, its your character, so only if its important to you.

Now I will mix and match to show you some character examples, some are obvious, some not.

Young, just finished school and is ready to make something of himself.
Profound, his family was great at what they did, so hopefully the apple don’t fall far from the tree
Careful, he’s smart, so he knows when he needs help and when he should keep going
New life, hes trying to find a new place where he can make himself known

Regular, he lives in a small village life is simple and rewarding.
Lost, he leaves one day, returns, and everything is gone, his family, his home, almost his entire village
Watchful, he could care less about people outside his circle, hes trying to keep them out of harms way
Revenge, he’s going to find who did this

Veteran, he’s the home town hero, he’s already rescued it more then once
Leadership, he is a naturally leader through decades of experience
Stern, he’s tired of all these young people who think they can do his job; he can make and break some of them
Protection, there’s a new threat on the rise, and he has to train these boys to be men if they can even hope to live

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The Code is...

misc section
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Character Blue Prints: Needed -Danno's
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