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PostSubject: Intro   Wed Jul 16, 2008 3:43 am

Spells, By Lucifer Scar. Commitary in square brackets and bolded is the Admin/game rules, and you must read it, and the writing in italics are stuff added by Blade when he found the book. The spells are also written By Blade.

These are the spells I have gathered through my travels. Do not regard them as useless, for they will aid you on your way to power, and power is the most useful thing imaginable. So read carefully.

The spells I have listed are not near the spells out there, but it will give you the basic idea what to avoid, and what to do to counter. The Powers the Control these spells would not be pleased if I had more written down, and I think I have already sealed my downfall by recording what little I have. So do not fail me my apprentice.

What is a spell? It is the harnessing of the casters inner power, and using it as a tool. One can create their own spell, but it is a complicated process, involing time and effort, not to mention incredible amounts of stamina. But once a spell is created it will be able to be used many times, and eventually not take up much of your stamina.

Spells and Stamina. Spells will drain you, so do not use them ceaslessly. You have a limit, and if you pass it you will be destroyed. [literally your person will be out of motion and you will be warned if you use hundreds of spells in one shot] If you have a main spell that you want to use, and hate that it removes so much stamina, use it more then necsessary. Soon, your body will be accustomed to the spell, and less stamina will be used up. Just like with training yourself with a weapon student. Practice makes Power.

The spells i have listed are not near all of the usable spells. As i have mentioned earlier you can create your own spell, and spells others have created in your time will be useable as well, as long as you have consent and are told how to use it. Unless you figure out yourself, like you always seem to do student. Always ahead of the game.
[you can make your spell, then submit it using this form:
Power Used:
Name of Spell:
Uses Thought of:
Stamina and Effects after spell usage:

Casting the Spell. When you cast your spell student, you dont have to shout out the name, just think it. [describe what is happening in RolePlay] Shouting it will make you look foolish and let your enemies what to do to counter act it [either way they will know, since it is a roleplay, but still, DO NOT SHOUT OUT WHAT YOU ARE DOING. These guys are NOT pokemon or Yugio characters. Or Naruto Characters]

The Spells Lis- The pages are torn and the rest of the book is gone. I have found the book in my teachers tent, and he is out hunting. I have heard the spells a hundred times, so I will try my hardest to rewrite them. This book is very intresting, since i have never been told about it. Here they are...
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