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 The Ruins

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PostSubject: The Ruins   Wed Jul 16, 2008 3:02 am

The Ruins
After the Great Wars this once beautiful prospering place is now ruins, run by theives, slave drivers, murderers, and Shaman; men who posses more then one element power. All in all its a mess, but it is habitable. Its just very dangerous, loud, abusive, and... well... unmagic... Since over half the population consists of the "Strange Ones" mixed descendants, and it also has some anti-magic weilding maniacs. But other then that, come on in!

Palace Of Thieves
This Palace is barely a house, nevermind a palace. It is run in an abandoned warehouse that was full of ale. As you can imagine, it started off with huge fights, then, when the ales owner was settled, it turned to a bar, which made more fights occur. Then an inn/bar, and finally the King of theives HQ. But alas, the king of thieves only really lives for 2 years, then they either bail out or are killed. But the one thing that thrives the inhabitants to be King is the Famous Zafeziel, a Rapier with the augmentation of fire, enabling its wielder to posses the cherished fire death spells, that is, if they have a bit of fire magic. The sword lets them use the spells without dying, losing power, or anything. Its just that it sooner or later consumes them or the weilder is killed in his/her sleep. But right now the blade was stolen from the last king, a "fire wielding quarter bred dog" as the theives would put it. The thing probably will never return, and thus the downfall of the kings soverien rule. Now he/she will have to rule with guts and talents, which most theives dont posses.

Villages of The Rouges
The villages are more or less starving people living in rubble, being kidnapped and taken as slaves as children. Of course, there is that notorius gang of children who are known to kill slave drivers, but that was ended when one of them was captured and tortured by the shaman, and the HQ for those kiddos was located. Of course, some theives fought for them, and one or two got out alive, but now the villages are left unprotected, and dangerous for women and children. And when one becomes a man, they are ussually out of there, trying to take their sisters wothoug being noticed. Not going so well...

Shaman Circles
These circles are purley evil. They Buy child slaves and preform magic on them so vile that i wont even begin to tell you. They have no sympathy, but have large quantities of stolen magic. They originated with Blades experiments on children, and the 'freed' children. If Darius did anything really wrong while liberating the lands, it was freeing these children. They were either beaten or became Shaman. The Shaman Circles generally take place in the farest corner from the temple, but still deep inside the protection of the land. It is a sad thing, that is for sure.

Labour Camps
These camps are full of Child Slaves. They hire out theives and cutthroats to kidnap children and bring them here for a small amount of gold. It is pitful, all the children are chained up, and beaten. When they become adults they are sold to others as breeding tools for more slaves, or just as pleasure purposes. Females are kept seperate from the male slaves, for fear of a child falling in love and causing trouble for the gaurds. The Gaurds only fear is an uprising, for with the amount of children they have held there, they would all be overpowered. Most of the children have little magic, and the ones with any useful amounts are sold to the Shaman for large sums of money. Every is afraid of the Shaman and the Slave takers. Everyone...

Black Market
This Market sells everything from people to dogs to stolen grain and seed. The man who runs it would sell his own heart if he thought it was profitable. They generally sell good quality children to people in the lands of sytheria that are better off, and the useless ones to the Labour Camps. They sell woman out as whores, even ones of pure magic blood. They have developed a special chain to stop the magic from coming out. Called the Anti-Magic chain. How original. The Merchants who gather items for the Black market travel to all lands, killing, kidnapping, and stealing. They always have men going to the land of ice, as they call it, to steal the great quality unbreakable ice. The dumb ones never come back, but thats ok, because the merchants can be replaced by x-slaves. What a foul and dark business that goes on here.

Deserted Temple
This used to be the temple of light, and still has some magic remains, which is why the shamans despize it so much. Not a living soul as been on these grounds for over 5 decades, and the last man who was on it died slowly and horribly. People avoid it, children seek refuge around its boundries. All in all, it is a temple, and is regarded as a sacred or cursed place, like it should. This is the one place where no evil lurks in this land, but something powerful does lurk in the heart of the temple... something that really wants out...
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The Ruins
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