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 Hurricane Valley

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PostSubject: Hurricane Valley   Wed Jul 16, 2008 2:06 am

Hurricane Valley
This Valley is always windy, always stormy. It rains often enough to keep the crops alive, but there is regular tornados. At first glance, the place look deserted, save for large birds in the sky and huge, gigantic twisters. But dont be alarmed, the birds you see are the people, And the twisters the villages. This place is by far the strangest, since the people all have large and beautiful wings, and they live in powerful dangerous deadly twisters. But if you look closley you will realize that the twisters are all awfully short, so short in fact, that the people can just fly to the eye, unhindered. And, if you watch for awhile, as soon as night comes around, the tornados stop moving, and stay in one place. After awhile of walking you will noticce small villages, with wingless inhabitants, enjoying the winds power in thier magnificent windmills, all stuck firmly in the ground.

Palace of Wind
This palace is located in the eye of the largest torndado. Unlike the other tornados, this one is wide and tall. The only way in is by request, and then the ruler at the time will let his/her tornado come to a stop and it will slow down. Then you will have to trust the kind enough to walk through the slow winds. The castle Is huge, and surprisingly spotless for being in the eye of a tornado. The rooms are the Library, Kings Room, Queens Room, another Library, guest rooms, dining room, living room, ball room, hall room, another hall room, and basically every room the ruler at the time thinks the palace should have. There is always spare rooms to stay, and the place is the largest castle of every castle in Sytheria.

Villages of Wind
The Villages of Wind are either located in huge tornados or a regular village save for the fact that every house is a large windmill planted to the ground. The people are all very friendly, and will gladly let you in the mills, but if you want into a tornado village, you will have to get someone to carry you up. There is no streets in the tornado villages, they basically are all huge roofless buildings with many smaller buildings inside. But other then that, they are the same as every village you will stumble across. The merchants who deliver grain have large winged horses, some like to call pegesi. But these horses are nothing like a pegusus. They are like your average horse, except they can fly through tornados with a cart strapped to their backs.

Grain Mills
These are the founders of Hurrican Valleys. Before the War when everything was on the ground, and there was no tornado villages, these things were all still up. They are the largest windmills in Hurricane valley, and can store over 100 people, and still manage to run and produce all the grain. Back then the villagers harvested the grain themselves, but now, since the land has durasticly changed, they get their grain from the farmers in Fire Plains. The farmers will gladly trade with the Hurricane villagers, in return for quarter of the produced grain, since it is the best grain in the lands, and the seeds that were in huge storage houses found after the war. Noone know where the seeds came from, but they produce faster, and more grain then the average seeds. It is a great trade, and so far, no complaints. But it can only go so far until the seed is gone...

Temple of Wind
This temple is located in the center of Hurricane valley, and the way there is dangerous, but it is worth the trip. The Temple is run by preistesses who honour the people from all lands, and offer the best mental healing, along with friendly attitude and great food. The Preistesses are all protected by the gaurdians of the temple. The wind temple is unique in that way, being the only temple with all the gaurdians in place. Some people say it is because Lucifer and Blade thought the wind people weaker then the rest, but in reality it is because the Hurricane Valley is the Farthest from the Rouges land, and that is where the real war began. The gaurdians are spell run stone giants, who's main purpose is to protect the temple and its preists and preistesses. They cannot be used for battle, only protection. The temple is small compared to the rest, but has a huge fountain in the middle, and is in the cneter of the eye of a slow tornado, that covers the whole of Hurrican Valley. It is hardly a noticable tornado, but in times of war the preistesses use their spells to pick up its speed to protect the people. The temple itself is open and inviting, the cries of children laughing ringing in the air. The way thier, is not so much inviting.
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Hurricane Valley
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