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PostSubject: Rules   Mon May 26, 2008 9:35 am

These are the rules from the game Dragon's Element I stole them and change them with permision... right Pebbs and Zahrah? You must follow them. Not following these rules will result in your account being banned.

1. There is only one leader of each area.

2. One post at a time please. Do NOT double post, because that bugs me personaly, and i dont bug easy, so dont do it. got it?

3. Do not argue under the boards or cbox. And if you have to argue keep it to the 5th cbox please. Dont know why the 5th one, but keep it to that one. even if it is unrelevant.

4. No inappropriate langauge. (a good guideline: what do you NOT want a ten-year old to read?)

5. Do NOT describe mating, or servere violence. Minor gore allowed. (did I emphasize minor??? Okay, blood is perfectly fine, but keep it PG13- I don't want paragraphs on guts spilling all over the place)

6. Each user must not have more than 7 characters. Playing everybody is not fun!

7. No power-playing. With this said, the Staff players can:
-Ban, or warn with reason
-Accept bios

Can not:
-Delete other player's post unless they are extremely offensive
-Can't tell the other players what to do with their characters

8. Please try to spell as best possible. If you mess up sometimes it's all right though, but not every other sentence. And Danno, Google works for a spell check, just to let you know. XD

Bio Rules
There is 2.5 Different Bios. A Spell bio, and a Character Bio, plus Blueprints of Character.

Here is how it works. Go to descriptions and read it all. In spell descriptions you will find A bio to make spells and a guide-line to them. Here are the rules for them.

1. NO Super Death Spells

2. NO unstoppable Spells

3. NO invincible character Spells

4. NO irrelevant to power spells, like mind reading. If you want that power, you will have to PM me and ask me in specific, and only rouges can have them.

5. FOLLOW THE CODE!! I hate it when people DONT follow the code and make up b.s stuff because they are lazy. This applies to ppl bios AND spell bios.

And for person bios, the rules

1. Follow the rules supplied with the code.

2. This is important, so listen Up. First post the bio code, then post Danno's code. It is
not needed, but highly recomended, and it probably will mean you dont have to make an RP example sooner. Just say'in, make it easier on yourself. and us.

There are some specific things that are not like the other RPGs that are commonly known to you.

Like, for example, There will be New rules randomly letting you have special characters. But that is only during an event happening in the plot. There is a limit 2 per person, unless otherwise stated, and also a certain amout all together allowed being used/made.

With the special event characters, if No one uses the minimum limit, the need ones become Play By Alls (PBA) Which means they have no specific names, unless a person asks specifically in the ask board for a name.

With the cbox page, same rules apply manner and atitude wise, but there is one main rule. Just for chatting boxes can be used, but mainly stick to the Sora Roxas large one. The rest you can use if you want to. You can use all, but most of the time the Admin (ME) and the mods will stick to the Big 'un.

That is All. Oh yea, read down!

This is a work in progress. Until on the bottom of the rules there is the sentence "The Darkness Has Awoken..." The site is being made better/just plain ol made. So Be patient. that is all.

Rules Code: Prospering Flower
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